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About MBTI

MBTI is a conscious-only personality assessment.

There are some websites which inaccurately specify a single personality result which is often invalid because MBTI is an unfinished/misunderstood methodology (Unknowingly). Some people may receive more than 1 or 2 personality results on mbti.ai. Compare your results on the personality detail pages and read your hero/child and unconscious data specifically when comparing.

MBTI is a personality framework for describing your brain's method for comprehending anything.

See the MBTI functions page.

Everybody has a completely neutral base personality. Your conscious personality is a structure which sits above it. There are currently 16 different personalities. Many more exist in a higher level determination. There are no current methodologies which can describe or determine them.

MBTI will one day be replaced with a more accurate approach.

MBTI subconscious is totally inaccurate. However I have decided to keep it accurate to the methodology.

[New science]

Your subconscious is ONLY feelings.

Fi / Fe are irrelevant.

Fi and Fe are part of Se. Obviously.

Feeling is a sense.

Ti / Te are also part of Se.

Thoughts are feelings.

Ne is also irrelevant.

Ne is purely thoughts.

[End new science from Jack]

Psychology hasn't changed for a very long time.

This new science will allow for someone to develop a higher level methodology.

There are many further levels to your personality however Ni is a bitch.

When a new methodology has been released Ni will loosen a little bit more. Obviously Ni in my conception is different to MBTI Ni.

MBTI is inaccurate for many people. That is why I have developed this website to resolve your most likely personality / personalities. It's up to you to compare the results and work out where you reside with your personality.

There are some websites which purposefully play stupid and pick out a single personality using bad logic. Obviously that is incredibly upsetting for those who receive inaccurate results.

MBTI predicts all 4 divisions off of conscious questions only. Your left and right brain have different personalities. A developed person has a higher (currently unknown) personality on top of that. MBTI is ONLY conscious. MBTI attempts to predict subconscious, unconscious and superego personalities which is impossible via current methodologies.

Obviously MBTI has to be loose with your results because your personality is extremely complex. There are many many more than 16 personalities.

[New science]

Si is not correct.

Si is more than thoughts.

Si is infinite.

Obviously Se is infinite too.

Si uses many more infinites than Se.

Obviously Si is everything.

Si happens directly after then now.

Functions happen in a logical order.

Se triggers before every other function except Si.

[End new science from Jack]

MBTI needs replacing with a methodology that allows for event ordering.

When there are too many functions everything becomes a muddle.

When you work out a new approach Si will become very important except for the fact that Se is everything too.

When MBTI is replaced I will update this website to reflect the new methodology.

[New science]

If you receive many personalities then make sure that your hero is not Si.

Your unconscious is purely logic.

Your unconscious is a stack of logic structure.

Your unconscious stack is 1 thought at a time and is a singular line of thoughts which are logically intertwined.

Your unconscious is infinite.

Your unconscious is a breakup of your subconscious.

MBTI unconscious should be renamed to MBTI subconscious.

MBTI subconscious should be renamed to MBTI unconscious.

[End new science from Jack]

The MBTI unconscious and subconscious is a mixup with your conscious side.

It's very easy to mix up conscious happenings.

[New science]

Your superego is nothing more than predetermined events. (Conscious logical will)

Your superego is Ni as described thoroughly via Snoozing.com

Which lightly speaking is:

Events and happenings start bottom-heavy and increase over time towards top-heavy.

For example:

Evolution becomes wiser to its surroundings over time and updates itself. The difference is, evolution is not a conscious decision.

The superego should be abolished and placed under a new Ni.

When the superego becomes top-heavy your whole personality shifts and becomes bottom-heavy with a new framework surrounding your decision making.

Your superego has levels.

Your superego encompasses everything.

Your superego is next to your unconscious.

[End new science from Jack]

MBTI superego is a mixup from your conscious Ni function.

[New science]

There is a new quadrant (division) to personalities but it has no name.

There are some functions which exist outside your conscious and subconscious.

This division is bottom-heavy. (Not so obvious)

Some functions have a mediator.

This mediator creates hooks to check before specific feelings.

When the hook is triggered you retrace that feeling / thought.

People feel aware of this but to consciously think about it is subconscious.

Your subconscious is only feelings. However this mediator allows you to convert the feeling to a thought. If somebody tells you a subconscious thought it draws it out of their subconscious into their conscious thoughts. This is what happens at school for exams. It is a bad way of learning because you are missing previous logic structure which you should digest yourself. Manually drawing from your subconscious yourself creates new subconscious feelings which helps to remember and learn the structure leading up to the specific thought.

Your subconscious is impossible to read without this mediator. Otherwise you simply feel without knowledge of said feeling. That is why 99.99...% of thoughts are completely hidden. This protects your brain from painful thoughts.

When you think something painful your brain remembers the feeling and if you approach the logic to that feeling your brain will stop you from continuing the logic stack. This protects you from the feeling.

Unobservable.com is a specific thought that I have taken from a deep subconscious stack. It is essentially impossible to retrieve that thought because the previous logic hurts.

It requires specific development of your personality to be able to climb painful logic stacks.

Some painful logic stacks feel worse than being sentenced to eternal hell alone.

Life is complexity. When you create a hook there will never be another feeling before it. But only if you have safety logic structure surrounding that thought.

Safety logic is logic which counters the thought. All subconscious thoughts require subconscious safety logic. It takes a lot of reprocessing of the safety logic to truly lose the painful feeling from the original painful thought. Safety logic is top-heavy. One must be careful navigating safety logic.

Painful thoughts are top-heavy.

Painful thoughts cannot be removed simply by reading logic because safety logic can be scaled. Safety logic must be administered subconsciously. Reading is subconscious but only when you skim read. More painful thoughts are inevitable by consciously reading safety thoughts. Knowing this makes it conscious when you try to as well. Unfortunately you would have anyway because painful thoughts are so deep. You cannot consciously subconsciously read.

Safety feelings can be given through video / image media subconsciously.

Painful thoughts are nothing compared to painful feelings.

Painful thoughts are only temporary via Ni.

[End new science from Jack]

MBTI does not address painful thoughts / feelings.

Hopefully all of the above can be enough to start a new methodology.