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Metaphysical (Epi > Jud > Int > Act)
Type Matching M/P Config Stack Grouping
MMMP Epi Int Jud Act 13M Epi > Act
MMMP Act Jud Int Epi 13M Act > Epi
MMPM Jud Act Epi Int 11M Jud > Int
MMPM Int Epi Act Jud 11M Int < Jud
MPMM Jud Act Epi Int 7M Jud < Int
MPMM Int Epi Act Jud 7M Int < Jud
PMMM Epi Int Jud Act 1P Jud > Int
PMMM Act Jud Int Epi 1P Int < Jud
Physical (Act > Int > Jud > Epi)
Type Matching M/P Config Stack Grouping
PPPM Act Jud Int Epi 13P Act > Epi
PPPM Epi Int Jud Act 13P Epi < Act
PPMP Int Epi Act Jud 11P Int > Jud
PPMP Jud Act Epi Int 11P Jud < Int
PMPP Int Epi Act Jud 7P Int > Jud
PMPP Jud Act Epi Int 7P Jud < Int
MPPP Act Jud Int Epi 1M act > Epi
MPPP Epi Int Jud Act 1M Epi > Act

Meta Jobs

Job 1st Type 2nd Type Explanation
Police ESFJ INTP In a job that requires a lot of fairness, a lot of concern for others, and the ability to balance the two in exercising discretion, the duality pair is perfect. INTP prevents overreach by the ESFJ, while ESFJ interacts positively with the community.
Judges INTJ INTP Providing the legal parsing from two angles, INTP and INTJ team up here to protect against corruption, illogic, and judicial activism.
Chefs ISFJ ISTJ Many may clamor for the inclusion of the ESFJ here, but in fact, the Si doms take it. ISTJ mans the grill, executing his accumulated cooking heuristics with precision. ISFJ does the baking and the pot roasts, relying on tried and true recipes that have earned positive regard in the past.
Teachers ENTP INFJ The two types that lead with intuition AND have Fe and Ti are the best types to teach, in most circumstances. They engage the learners and parse cleanly. They are the two most metaphysical types, indicating comfort with symbolic representations and communication in general. ESTP is a good choice for the PE coach.
Legislators ENTJ ENTP ENTJ is a risky choice. Unless paired with ENTP, whose inclusion would insure that no legislation ever pass were ENTP not paired with ENTJ. These two together should get the right stuff, and the right amount of stuff accomplished.
Innkeepers ENFJ ESFJ No brainer here. ENFJ wins the hearts and minds of guests to the inn, while ESFJ makes sure that stuff actually runs smoothly. ESFJ will be satisfied with the bonus Fe that having ENFJ around generates, while also enjoying being able to contrast against ENFJ's slight ridiculousness.
Advisors INFJ ENFP By advisors, i mean shrinks, priests, counselors, and so forth. ENFP and INFJ combined are like an oil derrick drilling straight into the black moisture of your soul from two different directions concurrently. Whatever authentic emotional impetus lies within shall be exposed.
Programmers INTJ ISTP The perfect marriage of Te and Ti with an additional complement of Se and Ni. These two working together bring everything that you need to successfully program. They also bring some of history's shittiest Fe, which is another reason they are programmers.
Artists INFP ISFP Feelings surely must be good for something! Fear not friends, these two lovers of the authentic self don't just make great lovers, they make great artists too. So let's make with the language-based stuff. INFP, and the visual images ISFP. It's how feelings become useful!
Entertainers ESFP ENTP Let these two attention hogs have the stage. It'll keep them occupied if nothing else. ESFP brings the emotion, ENTP makes a couple of jokes. A Mediocre time was had by all.
Decorators ESFJ ISFJ Tis the season to make the neighbor's house look weak! Bring down your trees and hearts, your lights and themes, the SFJs have no rival in making things look festive. ENFJ may object here, but frankly, there is a lot more to decorating than just "having a vision."
Atheletes ESTP ESFP ESTP where have you been? Here you are, quarterbacking the team along with star running back ESFP, a couple of Se doms, winning the game, and slaying that puss.
Craftsmen ISTP ISTJ ISTP joins forces here with ISTJ, to form the ultimate real-world, physical-object "brogramming" pair. The Te of the ISTJ is much more attuned to the soft of sensory specifics one must cue on to do carpentry well, for example. Se, Si, Ti, Te - all accounted for in spades.
Paramours ISFP INFP These are the lovers, not significant others. They're the FWB whom you value, but with whom you will never end up because you work better as a fling than as a thing. Whether you find the former or the latter more appealing probably depends on the individual as much as type. Your probably a little smitten by both types, if you are a normal.
Promoters ESTP ENTJ ESTP can conceive of the party - they're the best ones to ensure that there will be the drugs necessary and that the right people show up. ENTJ can handle all the details all the details, hiring people, etc.
Journalists ENTP ENFP Let Ne reign. The two Ne doms are the ones with both the facility with language and the get-up-and-go to go-out-and-get a story from the sordid underbelly of the metropolitan jungle we call home.