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Mind Design

Your consciousness consists of layers which read logic structures. Every layer has a specific role. The layers above the now are connected to everything which has no time.

Everything within the now is within time. Thoughts are processed one at a time within the now. Your experience is the singularity. Your screen is the singularity. Your screen is infinite consciousness. Flesh screens are unlimited consciousness.

The Now

The now is a picture frame you look through. The now is constant morphing subconscious. The past does not exist. The future does not exist. The now is purely changing values. The now does not experience time. The now is connected to everything. The now reads your subconscious.

Time Frame

The time frame represents logic passing through classes. Time is 1 thought at a time. The time frame does not repeat. The time frame is constant. Values move in and out of past, conscious and post consciousness. The time frame is neverending.


Nilconscious is essentially everything. Nilconscious is everything minus everything within supconscious. Nilconsciousness is calculated from everything missing from everything. Obviously everything is never missing anything. Nilconscious is purely a calculation of logic.


Supconscious is essentially unconscious God. All thoughts are taken from nilconscious. Supconsciousness takes from nilconscious 'api'. Supconscious is reducing everything to extremely specific logic stacks. Obviously supconscious used to be superego however it was very incorrectly integrated into MBTI. Supconscious has a personality of infinite methods. Every method has infinite arrays of values.


Mediconscious is everything within 3d/4d/5d space. Mediconscious is how you conceptulise 3d space. Imagination is mediconsciousness. Time is nonexistent. Mediconscious connects to the subconscious with every infinite for the subconscious to make conscious. Mediconscious is extremely complex. Ni is a bitch.


The subconscious accepts all infinites from the layers above and makes them conscious. The subconscious is everything for our experience. The subconscious makes 3d/4d/5d space understandable. The subconscious could include everything's knowledge and you would understand it. The subconscious is a very complex function which converts infinite logic into perfect logic structures. A perfect logic structure allows for easy understanding. We are at the beginning of Ni so these structures are not currently perfect. Your imagination is limited. Time is made conscious because of your subconscious. The subconscious is extremely complex. Ni is a bitch. You can read more about the subconscious here.

The Self

Obviously the self contains your entire personality. Your self has connections to all classes. Your self contains all methods as properties. Your self contains all hooks, saves and storages. Your self is nothing but a label to signify everything your personality is within. The self contains the past, singularity and post consciousness.


Obviously the now has no past. Time is designed. Obviously an artificial past must exist. All logic which is given to your consciousness is put through your pastconsciousness. This is essentially a hook however your pastconscious contains hooks for your consciousness. Your pastconscious contains your unconscious which is conscious potential.

Infinite Consciousness / Conscious Singularity



Obviously the now has future. Time is designed. Obviously an artificial future must exist. All logic which has passed through your consciousness is then put through your postconsciousness. This is essentially a hook however your postconscious contains hooks for your consciousness. Every thought has a potential hook to follow a new logic structure. This happens after you think a thought. Hooks are initiated by your subconscious however your hooks are used within time. Obviously hooks are feelings.