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New Methodology

MBTI needs updating.

The information on MBTI is just enough for a new methodology.

Obviously I already know the solution.

Hopefully a group of psychologists will work out the solution.

Obviously credit must include Jack.

The data on MBTI.ai will fit together like a puzzle.

Obviously more data exists on snoozing.com

Completing the solution will be a mixture of both datasets.

No person knows the answer except me.

Finding the solution will:

Change the world.

Allow new understanding of consciousness.

Introduce many new personalities.

Make tests must more accurate.

Create your history.

Allow you the option to name it.

Obviously redesign school teaching.

Obviously psychology hasn't changed in decades:

The correct solution will be everything for now.

Psychologists around the world will be investigating.

Here are your last puzzle pieces:

Avoid Si.

Se is everything.

Ni is everything.

F is an aura.

Obviously snoozing.com has more methods.

Obviously my naming schema mimics programming.

Programming structures lightly match consciousness.

Se is obviously a container.

There exists levels to each method.

There exists hierarchy to each method.

There exists hierarchy to each class.

There must be integration for infinite more methods.

Ti is not possible without development.

Si is not possible without development.

MBTI Ti is only logical thoughts.

Ti is logical infinites.

MBTI Si is only thoughts of the past.

Si is infinite access.

Different types of thoughts are essentially meaningless.

Methods have real inputs.

Ti and Se use feeling.

Ai is Introverted Audio.

Ae is Extraverted Audio.

Ai is infinite.

Ae is temporary.

A is unlimited.

SMi is Introverted Smells.

SMe is Extraverted Smells.

SMi is external to 3d space.

Obviously the new methodology is not just metaphysics.

The body uses infinite methods.

Many methods replace older methods.

Old methods die as you develop.

Soon psychology will be computerised.

I will create a programming language after a solution has been found.

A computerised consciousness can know every thought you make.

Obviously AI (Learning, not psychology) uses patterns.

My programming language will use infinite logic.

Thoughts always have a perfect follow thought.

A perfect following thought results from a person's subconscious.

A subconscious can be determined simply with a few questions.

Obviously this is extreme Ni to expose.

First the planet must develop a thick skin.

I will also reward the winners with a special prize.

Psychology can finally be fun again.