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Ni / Se

Elite psychology is everything to you:

Se is physical action.

Ni is thoughts.

MBTI Se is irrelevant.

MBTI Ni is irrelevant.

MBTI Se is corruption.

MBTI Ni is corruption.

MBTI misdirects Se and Ni from elite psychology by design.

Overaction is overdeveloped Se.

Top-heavy Se is extremely damaging to your health.

Governments design top-heavy Se for progression:

Working people are everything to governments.

Top-heavy Se develops cancer.

Exposing the cause of cancer is infinite.

Doing nothing is extremely healthy.

Relaxing is extremely healthy.

Exercising further develops Se:

Muscle is not health.

Cancer symptoms are everything:

Tiredness forces Ni development.

Ni is everything to you.

Se must be used in short bursts only.

Working everyday is your hell.

Se fear is fear of your surroundings.

Se fear is stress.

Se fear is anxiety.

Se fear triggers infinite Se use.

Governments create Se fear:

Demanding from people is extreme Se fear.

Obviously pay up or we will come for you right?

Governments know everything.

Governments develop cancer in people.

Governments hide everything.

MBTI is misdirection.

Cancer is everything for this planet.

Every person desires money right?

Desire is Se.

Every person must keep 'doing' right?

Doing is Se.

Every person worries doing nothing right?

Worrying is Se.

Se must be reduced in everybody immediately.