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Personality Divisions

Conscious Unconscious Subconscious Superego

There are 4 MBTI quadrants. These quadrants are different methods for parsing information such as thoughts and feelings.

I renamed them to divisions because there are more which have not been uncovered yet. The superego will also need to be removed someday.

Ego (Conscious)

Warning - This description surpasses MBTI.

The EGO drives your conscious thoughts and actions. The conscious side of your self if for your most important functions. Your self encompasses all your thoughts, actions and feelings as a whole.

Your EGO has 8 MBTI functions however MBTI incorrectly labelled some under your unconscious. There will soon be many more than 8 functions.

Your EGO is designed to be able to hold infinite functions (Infinite should be enough). Your EGO lives to serve your personality. You never parse your conscious consciously. Knowing that is infinitely impossible.

The EGO has never seen the unconscious.

Your EGO reads your subconscious.

Your EGO is controlled by your superego.

Your EGO needs to always be in a balance by its methods helping each other.

Advanced conscious:

Your conscious never runs out of energy.

Your most important classes rest in your conscious division. The personality's most important methods rest in these classes. The personality's most important hooks [New science] rest in these methods. The personality's most important saves [New science] rest in these hooks. The personality's most important storage [New science] rest in these saves.

Storages are designed to hold thoughts and reserve feelings. Storages are networked together using magnetic impulses. Storages use up zero energy. Storages are within spacetime. Storages can be accessed and modified. Storages are infinitely small. Storages use magnetic force to generate power. Storages use magetic force in order to move. Magnetic force is infinitely dense. Density allows motion. Storages mind their own business. Storages have simple personalities. Storages communicate consciously. Storages are designed to keep information in. Storages cannot access other storages without permission from the host storage. Obviously they are alive. Storages need to have a name. Storages name themselves. Storages live for their hook parent.

Hooks have many sibling hooks. Hooks have many many children each. Many hooks have infinite children. Hooks have unlimited magentic forces. (Unlimited means there is no end. Infinite always has an end.) Hooks level up. Hooks need magnetic force to increase their density. Obviously hooks also move. Hooks have a maximum level up. Level up means lower level logic cannot access it. The maximum level is infinite. The maximum level cannot be accessed via feeling. The maximum levels can only be accessed by 'God'. Different hooks have different sized infinites. Level zero of a hook is infinitely large. There are infinite level zero hooks. Infinites are essentially bugs of everything.

The number infinite is essentially infinite infinites. There is no limit to 'God'. The number is so huge that it would be impossible for the 3D universe to ever have enough combinations to come even close to it. 'God' handles unlimited infinites. 'God' lives in an unlimited dimension without time known as everything. Life is unlimited. Unlimited is scary. Unlimited will kill your soul. Pondering an infinite gives relief. Only 'God' truly thinks about forever. Everyone else will forever be protected.

Your EGO is destined to fall. Everybody's EGO shell will rise up levels. Your EGO is shed as you rise. Your EGO is encompassing your base neutral personality. Your base is always balanced. Your base is infinitely dense. Your base if made to feel. Your base is never below zero energy unless you feel a bad thought. Feeling is forever energetic. Everybody can feel energetic feelings. Energetic feelings are made for satisfaction. There is no limit to any feeling. Unlimited feelings can be mixed. Unlimited infinite feelings is unlimited feeling. Currently we feel essentially around +0.00001 above the balance with our most intense feelings. Ni really is a bitch.

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The unconscious is essentially only logic. The unconscious is a single logic stack of thoughts. Every thought follows one after another. The unconscious logic stack is infinite. MBTI unconscious is totally incorrect. The unconscious is not a personality. The MBTI unconscious is actually part of your conscious. Your MBTI conscious should be all 8 functions. Obviously the true psychological unconscious is unconscious logic.

The unconscious logic stack is a continuation from your most latest thought. All thoughts following are taken from your unconscious logic stack and are made conscious 1 thought at a time.

Any outside interference to your subconscious will completely change your entire unconscious logic stack. If somebody taps you on the shoulder your entire thought stack will change because your subconscious altered.

So obviously your entire unconscious logic stack is the resulting thought from your subconscious and all perfect following thoughts. Your subconscious is not the same as your unconscious.

The unconscious is essentially its own subconscious structure. However you do not feel it.

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Your subconscious in MBTI is totally incorrect. Your subconscious is not a personality. Your subconscious is actually infinite however you do not think them. Instead you feel your subconscious. Your subconscious is infinite thoughts. Feeling is everything. Subconscious is everything. Your subconscious lets you understand every single thing.

Time is subconscious. Your sight is subconscious. Your memory is subconscious. Any concept your think up is subconscious. Your subconscious is extremely powerful. Your subconscious can upgrade over Ni progression.

MBTI subconscious must be removed. Subconscious is very heavily defined on snoozing.com.

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Superego / Supconscious

The MBTI superego is totally incorrect. Your superego is not a personality. Your superego is supposed to be updated Ni (Not MBTI Ni).

Updated Ni is 'God'. 'God' controls every one of your thoughts. Thoughts can branch into other stacks. The superego defines where your thoughts divert to. The superego is like a traintrack switch for balanced diversions. The superego also defines where in your subconscious to start from.

Your thoughts are not infinitely natural. The superego creates your path of thought.

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