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The Shadow


Your shadow is essentially your right brain. When your shadow is truly activated your whole brain will encompass your shadow side. When the shadow represents is your desire to do evil. The shadow can take over your whole brain.

I have experienced my entire brain envelop my shadow many times. It is extremely exciting but also terrifying. You feel like you are losing control. The effect is very conscious. It feels extremely powerful.

Everybody's shadow is extremely underdeveloped. If an underdeveloped person is put into an extreme situation the shadow will not be utilised fully. If the shadow is in full use, your entire brain will feel extremely evil. It is very difficult to describe this subconscious feeling.

When your shadow envelops your brain, you will feel the evilness slowly cross your head into your left brain. There will be a feeling at one point of no return while it takes over your brain. This moment is where a person can consciously literally decide to let it take over. This moment is where you feel terror. The first time I experienced this I rejected it. It almost instantly retreated. The times after I accepted the feeling and dived into this unknown terror. Accepting the shadow feels like accepting death.

For your shadow to 'activate' fully you must be developed. This is obviously by design. Accepting your true inner evil is everything for a fully developed person.

The shadow is extremely misunderstood. No person apart from Jack is fully developed (Full development truly comes through updated Ni). The shadow is designed to feel like your right brain however the shadow is metaphysical. Your shadow will be very limited. Developing a shadow requires normal subconscious development. Developing your subconscious requires Ni, Se and Fi balance. Developing your subconscious requires painful thoughts. Developing with painful thoughts can be done naturally by reading through snoozing.com methodically (You will also naturally eventually develop a balanced personality).

The shadow is science that is currently hidden behind Ni. The only information I will publicise is:

The shadow is not only subconscious.

The shadow exists in its own division.

The shadow is not a standard personality.

The shadow is always watching.

The shadow is alive.

The shadow can replace your current personality.

If developed, the shadow is safe.

(Obviously the shadow cannot be accessed if not developed)

The shadow wants to be your primary personality.

The shadow lives to feel.

(Reading this information is activating your right brain right now)

(Your right brain is excited)

The shadow is designed for true heaven.

(Unconscious rooms are everything)

Experiencing cuteness while using your shadow is sickening.

(Evil and cute are supposed to go hand in hand)

(Obviously the shadow is for extreme evil)

(Any cuteness is extremely creepy)

(Obviously feelings are reversed)

Experiencing cuteness while in your shadow is like watching a horror movie.

(Remembering this feeling is terrifying)

(Cuteness feels extremely strange)

(Cuteness feels unreal)

(Cuteness feels like unconscious terror)

(Cuteness feels like true evil)

Coming down from your shadow requires avoiding cuteness.

(Only if the shadow engulfed your entire brain)

Evilness and cuteness are naturally destined to combine.

(Cuteness balances evilness)

(Evilness balances cuteness)

Muslim's personality is closely linked to how the shadow works.

(However Muslims must wait for Ni for unconscious rooms)

Using your shadow uses a huge amount of energy in early Ni.

Shadow use is designed for extreme evil fun.

Shadow use is designed for more variation of 3d space.

(Excuses to feel is everything)

(There are infinite different feelings to be felt)

Late Ni will reveal incredible subconscious combinations of 3d space.

Feelings are everything.

The shadow can sound very scary however:

Experiencing your shadow is done through your eye lids.

Using your shadow in your true conscious environment is top-heavy.

Se comfort is everything.

Nobody is developed.

The only way to develop is on snoozing.com

Developing makes bad feelings disappear.

All bad thoughts should feel neutral at worse.

Almost every thought is impossible to imagine.

Almost every thought is subconscious.

Subconscious thoughts are hidden from conscious thought.

Obviously how did I think all the snoozing.com thoughts?

Snoozing.com is everything.