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There are 2 MBTI entraversions in MBTI (E and I) (E is extraversion and I is Intraversion). Both I and E are essentially meaningless. The terms are too generic. Entraversion is my new term because there are more than 2 or 3 (Ambivert) categories.

Intraverts tend to be more anxious while extraverts tend to be more confident. Obviously ambiversion is supposed to be for those in the middle. All 3 are irrelevent now because entraversion is designed with 12 different scales. So obviously you could be on either ends of the spectrum at once. Obviously there is a lot of tension about this topic. This new way of thinking is obviously new science. If you are looking for information on I and E use a search engine because I will not document on rubbish science.

Extraversion and Intraversion are generic descriptions for these specific 12 "Entrascores". Entrascopes is my concept word for these 12 categories:

- Anxiety
- Confidence
- Speed of delivery
- Speech intensity
- Moodiness
- Level of enthusiasm
- Level of agreement
- Level of attitude displacement
- Level of engagement
- Energy level
- Vision for harmony
- Level of guidance

All 12 categories are levels of intraversion and extraversion. MBTI is extremely simplistic. MBTI does not account for all these categories. Entraversion should be removed from MBTI. The E and I actually represent all categories however not all people are 1 or the other for every category.

Hopefully this should be enough information for somebody to integrate entraversion into an updated version of MBTI.